Out Of The Silence, a format in which deaf people are given the chance to hear again, is being remade around the world after UK distributor DRG closed a raft of deals.

The format, which will travel to countries including Ireland and Australia, follows deaf people given a cochlear implant as they begin to hear for the first time, including going to their first pop concert.

The series was created by Dutch indie Tuvalu Media and Amsterdam- based Format Kitchen. It is one of the first formats to be developed by Tuvalu following its management buyout from Sony Pictures Television at the end of last year.

DRG picked up the format for international distribution at MipTV following the launch of its standalone formats division, headed by Andrea Jackson. It has subsequently closed eight options globally.

Irish indie Loose Horse, which produces series The Naked Election and Heat, and Go Back To Where You Came From producer Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder, which works across Australia and New Zealand, have both taken the rights.

The format has also been picked up by production firms in France, Israel, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

“Out Of The Silence is a unique format that captures viewers and takes them on an emotional journey. Anyone can relate to just how remarkable watching someone hear for the first time is, so we are delighted to see how much attention the format is getting from all corners of the world,” said Tuvalu managing director Taco Zimmerman.

DRG’s Jackson added: “When I saw the promo for Out Of The Silence at MipTV, it blew me away. We are delighted to have secured production partnerships in these major markets where development of this extraordinary format is happening.